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The risk assessment in police and firefighter stantions and cross-border checkpoint starts

One of the main activities of the project “Decent work’s latest challenge: risk and stress management” is the measurement of the risks at workplace. It is planned measurements to be organized in a police and firefighter station, fire station and border checkpoint in the capital (Sofia), in a big city (Varna) and a small town (Zlatograd).

The risk assessment includes measurement of the factors of the working environment (lighting, microclimate, circuit-phase protective conductor and others in case of need – eg noise), as well as assessment of the risk at the workplace.

The risk assessment will be performed according to the following schedule:

City of Varna:

Varna-East border checkpoint – 16 February  2020

01 RSPBZN – Varna and RDPBZN – Varna – 16 and 17 February 2020

03 RU of ODMVR – Varna – 17.02.2020

Town of Zlatograd:

GPU Zlatograd (Border Checkpoint Zlatograd) – 1 March 2020

RSPBZN-Zlatograd – 2 March  2020

RSPBZN-Zlatograd – 2 March  2020

Sofia city:

05 RU-SDVR – 04 March 2020

05 RSPBZN-Sofia – 05 March 2020

GPU Sofia (Border Checkpoint Airport) – 6 March  2020.