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Protective equipmen

The MoI continues to NOT only provide personal protective equipment, but also vital items of uniform and protective clothing to employees.
Some are not provided because they have “never been provided” and others because they are too expensive. No matter how expensive a piece of equipment or gear is, human life is much more precious.
Unfortunately, protecting the lives and health of Ministry of Interior employees is important only, and only, to the employees themselves.
A fact that once again shows how dehumanized, toxic and inefficient the Ministry of Interior is.


TUFEMI conducted a study of risk and stress factors in the MOI and an analysis of their change over the past 5 years. Parts of the shared positions and conclusions will be published in the form of infographics, which are part of the information campaign “Stress and Risk in the Ministry of Interior”. The campaign is implemented under the project “Decent work’s latest challenge: risk and stress management”, funded by Innovation Norway and implemented by TUFEMI in partnership with the Norwegian trade union Fagforbundet.