Stress and risk in the Ministry of the Interior: the COVID -19 challenge

Is the Ministry of the Interior tackling the COVID-19 challenge and providing its employees with the necessary personal protective equipment? How old are the garments and how prepared is the department for the second COVID-19 wave? Will it take better care of its employees if there is a third wave, as most experts predict? You can see the answers to all the questions in the first of a series of videos that are part of the Stress and Risk in the Home Office campaign. The aim is to put ( once again) the problems in the Ministry of the Interior up for public debate in order to start an open dialogue for sustainable change and improvement of working conditions.

The campaign “Stress and Risk in the Ministry of Interior”. The campaign is implemented under the project “Decent work’s latest challenge: risk and stress management”, funded by Innovation Norway and implemented by TUFEMI in partnership with the Norwegian trade union Fagforbundet.