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Conducting of focus groups is starting

On 10 May 2020, the first focus group on the project will be held. It is planned 30 focus groups in the whole country to be organized.
The aim of the survey is to identify the factors causing occupational stress in the Ministry of Interior and the change identified by TUFEMIs members in the last 5 years.
Due to the declared state of emergency, caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the focus groups will be held online, and if canceled within a period that will not adversely affect the implementation of the activity, they will be held in person.

The schedule of online focus groups in May 2020 is:
1 Burgas 10.05.2020
2 Zlatograd 11.05.2020 г.
3 Sofia 11.05.2020 г.
4 Varna 13.05.2020 г.
5 Vidin 16.05.2020 г.
6 Berkovitsa 19.05.2020 г.
7 Silistra 20.05.2020 г.
8 Sliven 21.05.2020 г.
9 Veliko Tarnovo 26.05.2020 г.
10 Pleven 26.05.2020 г.
11 Ruse 26.05.2020 г.