The Regional Forum in Plovdiv was postponed

On 10 May 2022, the regional forum “Risk, stress, national and regional problems in the Ministry of Interior: possible and sustainable solutions” was planned to take place under the project “Decent work latest’ challenge: risk and stress management “, funded by Innovation Norway.

The original location was set at the regional administration building in Plovdiv, but according to preliminary information received, about expected blockades by protesting representatives of transport companies, the location was changed at the last moment.

Unfortunately, in spite of the efforts made by TUFEMIs representatives to inform all participants about this change, as well the whole  organization made to provide equipment and  to organize transportation of the participants between both locations, most of them were not able to arrive on time due to the complete blockage of the city and urgent problems to be solved.

At the last moment, due to the complicated situation and the disturbances that occurred, we were informed that most of the representatives of the stakeholders – the Director of the regional department of Ministry of Interior, the Director of the Regional Firefighting Department, the District Governor  etc.  would not be present and for this reason it was decided to postpone the regional forum and hold it in June or July 2022.

It is planned to hold the forum again in the conference hall of Plovdiv Regional Administration.